IMG_8575I am a marine ecologist working for my PhD in the Pinsky Lab at Rutgers University. My research explores marine metapopulation dynamics using field work combined with population genetics. I use these tools to understand in how transient features in physical oceanography influence observed patterns of population connectivity in the marine environment. Ultimately, I use empirical data and mathematical modeling to understand the population dynamics of marine organisms in a variable environment.

As an undergraduate Biology student in the Buston Lab at Boston University, I combined laboratory research and field empirical studies in Belize, Central America to quantify the larval dispersal behavior of coral reef fishes.

Ecology is my passion, and I actively work to make primary research in ecology accessible to all people, regardless of language, age,  and academic barriers. My blog Fish Tails for Kids creates children’s stories from primary literature in Ecology. Stories are an engaging and intimate way to share knowledge, and we hope to bring the joy of discovery to every reader.